Are you an absolute beginner who would love to create a beautiful scarf for fall or hat for winter?  Do you know how to knit but want to take your skills to the next level?  If so, then a workshop is perfect for you.

Workshops are one-time classes that focus on a particular project or technique.  When completed, you will leave with your creation or a new skill.

In the event of a cancellation, workshop fees may be used as a credit for another workshop.

See below for our upcoming workshops! To register for workshops, download our app here or call the studio at 248.480.4354

Arm Knitting

Experience knitting without using needles. Your arms become your tools. Create an architectural throw or give as a special gift.
Materials: 2 arms & 1 ball of Woolly&Co.’s exclusive Mammoth yarn.


Saturday, July 14, 11 am-1 pm OR

Sunday, August 11, 11 am-1 pm


$30 plus materials

Beginner Crochet

Add a new technique to your creativity arsenal. Crochet is great for embellishing your projects. In this workshop you will learn multiple crocheting skills.


Saturday, August 4, 1-3 pm

$30 plus materials

Double Knitting

Learn the skill of double-knitting while creating a tic-tac-toe or checker board game. Double knitting is the art of creating two layers of fabric at once.

Materials: Woolly&Co. Board Game Kit

US 7 needles


Saturday, July 7, 1-3 pm OR

Saturday, August 18, 11 am-1 pm

$30 plus materials

Crochet Dolls

Create dolls that resemble (and dress like) your family or friends. Learn assembly techniques. Prior crochet experience required.

Materials: Edward’s Crochet Doll Emporium book; 2 skeins Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn; G 4 1/2 mm crochet hook.


Saturday, May 19, 1-3 pm (Part I) & Sunday, June 24, 3-5 pm (Part II)

$60 plus materials


Learn to seam your sweater, block your blanket, and care for your creations. Good finishing techniques can make the difference between homemade and handemade.

Materials: Bring a project you are ready to assemble and finish.



Saturday, August 25, 1-3 pm

$30 plus materials

Knitting with Beads

Make an heirloom beaded purse while learning to string beads and knit with them. A jazzy purse is the perfect accessory for a night on the town.

Materials: Woolly&Co. Beaded Purse Kit


Saturday, July 14, 1-3 pm OR

Saturday, August 11, 1-3 pm

$30 plus materials

Learn to Knit

Learn the basics! We will help you select materials to make either a scarf you will love to wear, or a stuffed toy that will be treasured for generations.

Materials: Varies based on project selection. We offer free sample materials for practice.


Saturday, July 7, 11 am-1 pm OR

Saturday, July 21, 11 am-1 pm OR

Saturday, August 4, 11 am-1 pm


$30 plus materials

Paint Party

Paint a customized yarn bowl or caddy! Kiln dried pot will be delivered back to Woolly&Co. within 14 days of workshop session. Workshop fee includes material for 1 item. Additional items extra.

Materials included.


Saturday, June 30, 1-3:30 pm


Tech Squares Afghan

Spend a year learning new skills, one month at a time, one square at a time, all while knitting this gorgeous afghan.

Materials: Tech Squares booklet, US 7 needles, yarn (Spud & Chloe Sweater or Shepherd’s Wool)

When: (see below for full year pattern schedule)


Saturday, June 30, 11 am-1 pm OR

Sunday, July 8, 3-5 pm OR

Saturday, July 21, 1-3 pm OR

Sunday, August 5, 3-5 pm OR

Saturday, August 25, 11 am-1 pm

$30 plus materials


Pattern Schedule

September = Increase Stitch

October = Decrease Stitch

November = Cable Stitch

December = Pocket

January = Slip Stitch

February = Embellishments

March = Intarsia

April = Monogram

May = Dominos

June = Fair Isle

July = Entrelac

August = Tree

Wet Felting for Beginners

Learn the basics of wet felting, while making a toy or gift. You’ll transform wool into shapes using your hands and water.

Materials: Woolly&Co. Felting Kit


Saturday, June 23, 1-3 pm

$30 plus materials

Please download the “woollyandco” app here to schedule workshops and classes, or contact the Studio:

 (248) 480-4354 or